My Queens

Was at Comicon for the weekend at Artists Alley! Decided to draw my two current queens after seeing a few cosplays.

Good Ole Henry

Also drew Henry.  I love that jawless beastie.

Wats teh Sitch

An entire group of Kim Possible cosplayers went by including a Drakken and Shego, so of course I had to draw my favorite childhood heroine.

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Sketches 99

Aizen you Drama Queen

Heavily referenced off things on tumblr. Also, while currently rereading Bleach, I am flabbergasted at what a drama queen Aizen is. (And those outfits wtf)


Practicing poses for Jared in Chapter 7.

Bit of Moisterizer Will Clear thart Right Up

A Lilith I drew during Comicon.

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Sketches 98

Dem Legs Tho

I’ve started doing rough sketches of difficult poses in my sketchbook before transferring them to the comic.  First up was the newly introduced Israfel.


Aaaaand Miss Smita is also going to be introduced in Chapter 7, to which I am very excited.

You Better Watch urself Mark

More Smita poses. And some noses. Stop to smell the roses.

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Sketches 97

Triple Bs

Deep love for the many badass women I’ve got in my stories.

Fear Not the Ball of Death

Doodles on napkins at work again

Red Team is srs bsns

As the Archangel of Power I highly expected you to rock at videogames, Sandy.

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Sketches 96

you have no boobs for that dress

Few of these are referenced off things I saw on Tumblr


Trying to revamp an old Bleach character.  Lmao we’ll see how well this goes. And some chars from other story, who are now reaching near god-status already.

self indulgance

I. I cannot describe. I strongly. I feel about these two pairs. Fuck. End me, someone pls.

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Sketches 95

ur bf can get us out of this right

  Comparing heights of some of my fave characters. A redo of an old pic.

im gay for vanilla

Naruto character is taking over again.  And some gender-bent versions of characters of one of my fave webcomics, “Friends Till Death”

the REAL Madara

This girl’s eyes bleed more than is necessary I s2g.

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Sketches 94


Chopped off 14 inches of hair and it is very strange.  Naruto OC starting to take over my life again.  And angel armour.


Trying to add some final touches to these designs before they’re introduced next chapter yeeeee

these NERDS

I went to Disneyworld and it was magical. Also hung with some nerds, pretty awesome.

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Sketches 93

Hard FeelingsSF

Everything he says is a lie.

Blood Witch

-gasp- something that ISNT AotG! Side story involving psychics, Russians, world domination and angel-possessed rebels. Also the best antagonist I have ever come up with.

Dem eyebrows doe

God that old Naruto OC is a piece of work, and beyond saving.  I only make fun of her now.

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Sketches 92

That is a messed up lion

That is a messed up looking lion, ergh.  Each seraphim has an affinity to some kind of creature- Michael with land beasts, Raphael with birds, and Gabriel with sea creatures.


The water demon twins are very fun to draw.

I Knew a panty shot would happen eventually

Going through Korra fight scenes for reference.  I knew a panty shot would happen with Andrea eVENTUALLY.

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Sketches 91

Cyborgs and Angel Hosts

The last page and I fill it with this beautiful crap.  Looking back at an old character named Vel who was a Scottish psychic focused on robotics and machinery. Loses and arm and replaces it with a robotic one. That she controls with her mind.  Personality-wise she’s very much like Jane from AotG so pretty sure they’d hit it off if they ever met.

Dead Boobsspoilerfree

Simon is my favorite goof.


Naruto ended so I HAD TO DO A THROWBACK WITH MY OLD SHITTY NARUTO OC.  Seriously I made her when I was like 15 and despite what an awful character she is I’ve been doggedly keeping up with her story for the last 6 years.

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